“WeCo connects ideas, skills and funding”

Infinite Collaboration

InfinityCollab WeCo is a team puzzle where 8 different roles are perfectly matched to accomplish the most ambitious goals. Discover Roles arrow_forward_ios InfinityCollab Ideation Innovators who constantly generate relevant ideas. The ones who are not scared of thinking the unthinkable. InfinityCollab Strategy Visionaries and leaders who see things clearly. Who can align everyone and everything to put ideas in motion. InfinityCollab Marketing Connectors and creatives who attract, educate and engage audiences (fans, customers, followers, readers, users). InfinityCollab Finance Treasurers and funders who plan, file, report, and calculate everything to help projects be properly funded and then remain viable. InfinityCollab Operations Creators and doers who produce that great meal, workshop or a book and make sure it all comes in time and is of the best quality. InfinityCollab Technology Geeks who architect, develop, deploy, test, launch, maintain, finesse, and support apps, websites and networks. InfinityCollab Legal Legalizers who work with trademarks, patents, contracts, disclosures and other documents to help minimize the legal issues all across the board. InfinityCollab Humans