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thoughts on an effective start-up team
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All successful startups have one thing in common: effective team behind an idea. It starts with one person, then they find a co-founder and then they build an all-star team. Every single company starts as a startup team. Since startups is an effective way to build value for the team while impacting the world, startups have become very popular.

Founding successful startup team

Bringing together members of a startup team is half of the journey. As the expression goes, investors are considering 3 components before investing in a startup. The three are: team, team, and team. Sometimes, when the original idea doesn’t take off exactly as planned, investors may encourage an executive team to come up with a different idea. It’s the people who make ideas happen, not the other way around. Especially when people have a shared passion and work well in synergy. 

When founding a company and assembling a startup team, the co-founder has to be careful selecting who to work with. Every team memberhas to share the same passion and aspirations.

How founding and building ideal startup team:

  • Selecting a co-founder. Many founders face the same dilemma: whether to stay solo or invite a co-founder. One can certainly make a case for both instances, but a good co-founder is a true blessing. Someone who can inspire you, understand you and will be passionate about the same thing as you are. You don’t need to babysit such a person or push the to work – your shared vision will pull you both to success.
  • Define your scope of responsibilities: to avoid any conflicts and misunderstandings and to make the most of the team, you and your co-founder would have to clearly define responsibilities. It’s beneficial if for every aspect of your project, there is one decision-maker and clearly defined protocol of who is responsible for what. For example: you decide to create a site. It’s critically important to define the role with the required skills and responsibilities. As a founder, you have a privilege from the very onset to define your own responsibilities vs those that you are willing to delegate. It’s is customary that in the beginning, co-founders wear many hats. Yet, it’s important to classify what they are for the easier subsequent delegation. 
  • Start your search. It’s very important for the startup team to be determined to succeed. There are many moving parts, especially at the onset of every project. Therefore, if people are determined and dedicated, they will help you overcome the obstacles. On the other hand, poorly assembled team will drag the business down. In addition to the hard skills, your team members should possess the soft skills. These will glue your team together.
  • Although all team members are different, what makes for an all stars team, is the shared vision. Steve Jobs would often say in the interviews that one of the most serious challenges was the constant need to reiterate the vision so everyone is truly working towards the shared goals. Every company has to have one person who is the vision holder. THey will help everyone to fully understand the vision and do their absolute best to contribute to the process of bringing that vision to fruition. .
  • With the current rate of change in consumer behaviour and with ever changing market circumstances, it’s critically important for every team member, especially the co-founder, to constantly educate themselves. The good news is that a person truly passionate about your company’s mission clearly knows their goals . They don’t need to be reminded to polish their skills and be on top of the latest trends. It comes naturally, as a part of their passion.

Effective startup team: typical mistakes and how to avoid those

We all make mistakes while doing something of the value. But it’s good to be aware of the typical mistakes while building your ideal startup team:

  1. Discern between the candidates. Your team is as strong as its weakest member. In a startup every person’s performance makes a difference and it’s also very visible and valuable, If someone is dropping the ball, your start up becomes subject to a very big risk of failure.
  2. Most good people have choices when it comes to selecting a project to join. If you want to attract the best people to your startup, be sure to motivate and engage them. People like to be a part of something impactful and engaging. Make sure to share the level of your enthusiasm and you will see miracles happen in terms of your teams engagement and productivity.
  3. Since many teams work remotely these days, it’s imperative to keep your team interconnected. Different cultures, various time zones and individual personalities may make it quite challenging to keep the team together. But if you remember to encourage and inspire your team, share the human side and sometimes show your vulnerabilities, usually it tremendously helps to keep your team together in spirit, even if you are hundreds and thousands miles apart from each other.
  4. It’s important to keep the structure of your startup as horizontal as possible. Great people need to be able to make decisions and be given some freedom to act. Otherwise, great people won’t stay and you will be forced to look for the new ones… just to find out that you may be the problem why people don’t stay with you.

How long does it take while founding an idealfounding ideal startup team?

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