How to find a co-founder and developers for startup

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Every single successful project involves a team of people, who are each responsible for their specific area: strategy, ideation, marketing, operations, IT, finance, HR, Technology. It’s nearly impossible to develop a great product or service without a like-mind co-founder. So, how to find a matching co-founder. Read on.

How to find a co-founder for startup

If history can be of any reference, the biggest companies that make the headlines today, took off after co-founders have met each other. Some of the examples are Apple, Google, Twitter, Microsoft. 

When are you gonna start growing a tree?

The best Co-founder in a startup

is someone who shares your philosophy, vision and  ideas, and can help develop a great product even during the most challenging economic environment. A truly great Co-founder will inspire and support you helping you become the best version of yourself. Therefore, it’s extremely important to find the best co-founder – they could make realizing your shared dream much faster and easier than if you’d try doing it by yourself. 

The true challenge though is how to find that like-minded person, who will be compatible both personally and professionally and who will enhance the project? Someone who will deeply share your ideas, and who will be committed to see your project through till its fruition? 

You can definitely search various chats and groups or surf the internet to randomly find that person but how likely is it to happen? Wouldn’t it be better to take advantage of the platform which was created with this sole purpose – help you find your perfect co-founder.

Whether you are looking for a marketing co-founder or looking to find a tech startup partner, WeCo is the perfect place to post your project profile and launch your search. WeCo collaborative platform unites people with ideas, people with skills as well as investors who are looking to support great projects and teams. Sophisticated investors are well aware that great teams can produce fabulous products, which will be in high demand. 

Ways to find the right co-founder for your startup on WeCo platform

When your tree bears fruit?

Your ideas don’t have to be confined in your head anymore – if idea is shared in the right context and to the right people, it can be a beginning of a great project. Imagine that you don’t have to share your friends and family who often think that your ideas are worthless. Instead, not only can you be heard by the like minded people, but also, your ideas can be supported and developed into awesome products and services.

WeCo is the perfect place where determined and skilled people get together and are looking to find each other and co-create great projects and products. Their only purpose is to find a promising  startup to become a part of. You can find co-founders who may perfectly match you and take care of the roles that you are not particularly interested in.

Finally a place where you can share your most ambitious ideas and get feedback. If your idea has a technology core, it’s highly recommended to find a technical co-founder, who will see your startup eye-to-eye with you. It’s important to not settle and find a truly matching person to become your co-founder who will also contribute their ideas and be brutally honest and totally dedicated.

How to find a co-founder on WeCo

You can create your profile and await until your potential co-founders will knock in your door. However, if waiting is not an option and you prefer to be more proactive, there is another option on how to find a co-founder on WeCo – browse through the matching profiles.

Personal and project profiles on WeCo are structured in such a way so you can review the most important information while searching for your potential co-founder. This way, you can find a co-founder or build an entire team of like-minded people in the comfort of your home.

How to find a programmer for your startup

It’s highly recommended for every technology startup to have a tech co-founder. That person is responsible for the product development and for the timely and high quality releases. It can be a simple app, website or a more complex, highly sophisticated enterprise platform. 

WeCo can help you find a startup team: mentor, web developer (programmer) and others employees. Unlike in case with LinkedIn or Upwork where people are looking for jobs or gigs respectively, WeCo is all about helping finding you your teammates. Someone who will care about the product and user experience and will be totally dedicated to make it the best it can be.

WeCo can help you find a co-founder for any role and thereby help you assemble a truly ideal command startup team. Every matching team member will enhance your team. It’s an incredible experience when people with completely different backgrounds get together to create an amazing product. Not to say that people who you know for years, also can become parts of your team.

Sometimes it’s shocking to realize that people we know for years, offer the exact same value or can cover the same role which is needed for our project . Может быть, это будет даже ваш сосед.

Why the WeCo

WeCo makes it much easier for anyone to become a co-founder and participate in a startup. Discover WeCo, share your ideas, find cool co-founders and team members, create truly amazing products, and find investors who would be willing to support your cool initiatives.