Team for online startup. Puzzle. Solved

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Now that you are excited to build a team, how do you even know who are we looking for? 

While projects and businesses differ on the surface, they have the exact same structure. Just like people have the same body organization or automobiles usually have the same list of parts, projects underneath the surface are all the same. Whether it’s a one-person-show or a mega corporation, it has 8 main functions: Ideation, Strategy, Operations, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Technology and HR. 

Let’s take a lemonade stand as an example:

  1. Ideation – it starts with an idea to put up a lemonade stand
  2. Strategy – next, idea is turned into a roadmap that will lead to the realization
  3. Marketing – once the plan is ready, you need to know who will drink the lemonade and how to attract them
  4. Finance – now you need to rent or build the stand and purchase all the supplies. With that come the expenses. So it’s important to calculate everything before starting. 
  5. Operations – now that people are excited about having your lemonade, and you see that your economics make sense, everything has to be prepared and organized. 
  6. Legal – of course it’s important to have all the documents and permits in order
  7. Technology – in case you would like to build an app for people to place orders online. 
  8. HR – now that you see how many moving parts, you need some help: people that can take care of some of the responsibilities. 

Of course you can theoretically do it all by yourself, but can you really do it effectively without exhausting yourself?!?!

The idea behind WeCo

Is that you choose what you love to do yourself and then what you would like to delegate. And just like one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, same thing with skills: things that are easy for us are extremely valuable for others and vice versa. And that makes for a truly strong collaboration. Imagine that this synergy is all united by shared passions, causes and goals. 

On the flip side, if one of the responsibilities is not properly taken care, the whole endeavor may suffer and/or go under. And lemonade stand joins a staggering 95%+ that never make it because there was no team in place to properly execute on a good idea. 

So are you ready to build a team for your dream? Go Team Yourself!

OpTEAMism or OpTEAMization

Since the stone age we know that people would team up. This was a matter of survival. Hunting, protecting and cooking where usually done by different people and everyone gained from that dynamic. 

Gradually, however, society has evolved from teamwork and engraved in us that independence is the most important quality: in order to thrive, we need to compete. As a result, we end up draining ourselves and each other and the results are often less than mediocre. Even those few that reach that “illusionary” success, pay with health, depression, burnout and rarely have freedom to enjoy the fruits of their labour. 

In reality, however, independence, freedom and teamwork can happily coexist. In fact, they are all components of a true success. Say, you and your neighbor have EACH decided to open a restaurant in the neighborhood. Your friend is a chef and you are a people person. 

In a harmonious team, where everyone’s roles are clearly defined and shared goal is a true boss, people start individually blooming. Instead of competing, we support each other. The result is that we each get to hone our passions and deliver more value. We also start recognizing and appreciating our teammates who contribute their value to our shared access, although doing things which we may find boring or challenging. 

Think of a school: very few of us, if any were equally good in all of our school subjects. We may have gotten all straight A’s, but did we equally enjoy doing everything our school offered. Clearly, NO. 

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