Why shared passion is a must for any team? OR No passion? FIRED.

passion start-up team

What comes to mind when we hear the word “passion” start-up team

Whether it’s traveling, driving, robotics, dancing or philosophy, individual passion is something that makes our hearts beat faster.

Passion is an incredibly powerful energy and when two passionate and compatible people meet, magic happens. Things that were not possible, become reality. Their life changes and so changes everything around them. It’s important to emphasize the word “compatible”, because when compatibility is not there two passions collide and that energy becomes incredibly destructive.

Imagine that you can use your passion to create things that you think matter.

Lately, working on something with passion has become a necessity. If Passion is not there, the end result is rarely incredible. And since we as customers, don’t settle for less than incredible, we fire companies who don’t offer passion as a part of the offering.

  1. Many moving parts – all have to be perfect.
  2. Opposing motivations.
  3. If you are the person in charge, hire people with passion. Otherwise you risk being fired by your customers.
  4. Customer Service.

To TEAM, or not to TEAM, that is the question.

succesful start or not
Decide for yourself whether your start is successful or not.

Every project has many moving parts:

  • Money is limited – passion is not.
  • What would you rather? Make a 1 for yourself? Or make 100 together and share
  • Work/Life Balance – Free time
  • Do what you love
  • WeCompatibility
  • ORGANIZED passion – collided passion
  • Perfect Competition – you have to be fast and constantly reinvent yourself.
  • If the niche is there, most likely it will be occupied.
  • New team open new horizons.

Used to tell how to build a successful start-up team, recommend remember.

FREE or Freedom

If you are not paying for the product, you are the product.

We have decided to experiment – imagine that the price or a fee is not. Isn’t your ultimate freedom to decide whether WeCo is worth $1 because that’s all you can afford, or WeCo is worth 1M in a couple of years because your internal freedom tells you that if WeCo wouldn’t inspire support and encourage you, you would still work that 9-5 job and your dream would just remain a concept in your head.

Are you willing to do your part to build a truly free society where payment exist to support those who bring value. Sounds like a conscious and fair way of being.

Profit is a function of value created. You want to make tons of money – offer tons of value.

Your feedback is welcome and so is your contribution if you find the value.

Utopia depends on U

Many naysayers would say to me: Simon you are talking about utopia. My answer would be the following: Life is short and I’d much wake up every day and go to bed with the feeling that I am doing my part.

Summary: if you choose to live a life of utopia, focus on solutions, surround yourself with constructive and active people, Utopia becomes the way of being. So, next time you make or spend your money, ask yourself where are you? The question is really why would you settle your finite life for anything less than miraculous.

When even good news are bad news

So let people choose your business!
So let people choose your business!

When you follow something that has nothing to do with your life, you basically follow someone else’s reality. The price your pay is not only your attention and time, but also the fact that you are not living

What really matters the most is what happened to your life and the life of people that surround us. Think about it: how often we share or recall something that we just saw in the news.

This is an Idea, Idiot

Be mindful of who evaluates your (early) idea. Unless you create something specifically for your friends and family, they are unlikely would be the target audience.

“All successes have one thing in common – a winning team.” – Unknown

Success likes company

Have you ever wondered why in the 21st century, with such an abundance of social networks, we often feel lonely? Why is it still a major hustle to find a job that you’d love OR to launch your dream project?

You are not alone: there are millions of us who share the notion. We are searching for the real teammates, but it’s nearly impossible to find them. And now with Covid, our options have totally shrunk. We try LinkedIn to see tons of cold corporate resumes, we then go to Upwork or Fiverr but those platforms are very transactional in nature. In desperation, we try talking to our friends and families but do they truly share our passions?… We are ready to settle and give up but what if giving up is NOT an option?!?

We, at WeCo felt that there is a tremendous need in a truly collaborative space where finding like-minded people who can help with your career or a project would be easy. So we have set on to build such a space.

Introducing WeCo, an ecosystem where founders, freelancers, recruiters and investors all team up. 

WeCo is more than freelancing, more than job placement and more than a professional network. You can find people and teams who share your passion while offering their skills and/or resources. Everything is organized for you to have a complete flexibility, whether you are looking for a paid opportunity or you are willing to launch 1, 10 or more projects at the same time. It could be an app, movement, book, YouTube channel – whatever drives your imagination.

Once you have your key team members together, you will naturally draw attention from the backers who are on WeCo as well and are ready to support the right opportunities. Investors who would WANT to hear from once you are a match based on the cause, status, investment amount and more.

As an introductory offer, all of our features are offered for FREE. This includes our proprietarty Team Building Module, Smart Search, Chat and open contacts so you can contact your matches directly and take your dreams to the next level.

Do you want to experience a true pleasure of the unlimited (as our logo suggests) collaboration? Are you ready to effectively take your career or a project to the next level? Do you want a FREE promotion of your skills and/or projects to our 10,000+ WeCommunity?

Create your account today and let’s team up!

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