How to find a co-founder and developers for startup

Every single successful project involves a team of people, who are each responsible for their specific area: strategy, ideation, marketing, operations, IT, finance, HR, Technology. It’s nearly impossible to develop a great product or service without a like-mind co-founder. So, how to find a matching co-founder. Read on. How to find a co-founder for startup […]

Team for online startup. Puzzle. Solved

Now that you are excited to build a team, how do you even know who are we looking for?  While projects and businesses differ on the surface, they have the exact same structure. Just like people have the same body organization or automobiles usually have the same list of parts, projects underneath the surface are […]

How to build a successful team for your startup

All successful startups have one thing in common: effective team behind an idea. It starts with one person, then they find a co-founder and then they build an all-star team. Every single company starts as a startup team. Since startups is an effective way to build value for the team while impacting the world, startups have […]

Why shared passion is a must for any team? OR No passion? FIRED.

What comes to mind when we hear the word “passion” start-up team Whether it’s traveling, driving, robotics, dancing or philosophy, individual passion is something that makes our hearts beat faster. Passion is an incredibly powerful energy and when two passionate and compatible people meet, magic happens. Things that were not possible, become reality. Their life […]